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Hi! I am Nikhil

When some one wants to know me. They mostly ask following set of questions.

What do you do for living?

I am a software engineer by profession and I work on web technologies and nodejs primarily. Currently I work with Paypal fromPune India. I started my career as a full stack developer in 2014 soon to realise that I have more interest in UI, CSS, and cryptography. In my free time I manage my own open source projects and I play around with css,animations and try out different tools. Currently I am learning WebGL using threejs & react-three-fiber. See the Home page to find out how much progress I have made. And also I am creating something amazing using webRTC. So keep an eye on this site. I will announce it some time soon.

What is your educational background?

I dont have a formal computer science degree. I did my bachelor and masters degree in Mathematics and applied Mathematics from University of Pune, India

What do you do apart from profession?

I have huge interest in learning to play drums which I am learning on my own. I have few of my songs/videos on youtube channel. I also like going on bike trips. I am a poet too. I mostly write hindi poems.

What keeps you motivated to learn new things?

I follow a lot people on Twitter & Github. It helps me keep updated and makes me realise that I have a long way to go. So I can’t stop no matter what. But all I can do is learn and apply it over course of time.

What is the tech stack you have used to create this site?

This is a statically generated site built using docusaurus. and is deployed to netlify.

The tech stack is

  • react - The view library
  • mdx - markdown renderer extend to use jsx
  • infima - The css framework
  • threejs - 3d webgl library
  • react-three-fiber - Wrapper around threejs for react

How can I contact you?

Simply fill in this form. And it will send me an email with all your details. then we can take it forward over email.
If you are a recruiter you can find my resume here which has my contact details as well.

What all softwares/hardwares do you use?

You can find most of the things are use on this page.